Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Now I have no more excuses.....dang it!

Well as of 3:30 pm September 25, 2007, I am officially a computer owner! Its a pretty little thing and Walrilla said it was a nice entry level machine. This is it. Anyways, I think my spending for the year is officially over. First the bike, then the laptop..... its time to enjoy both and start saving some money. And if the predictions are right, I will be spending a lot of time blogging, and that doesn't cost anything..... right? Can't wait to get back in touch with the wonderful people I met in Kerrville and hopefully meet more in the blogosphere!

So now I have to finish setting this thing up and give Walrilla back his internet connection. Pictures of the bike and pc coming soon. And if all goes well, we will be mobile blogging this weekend from the Smoke & Powder crawl in Houston. Wish us Luck.... we are going to need it!