Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Mid-Life Crisis .... Part 1

Well it has been well documented for years that when a man reaches a certain age, he "rebels" against "age" and tries to recapture his youth. Typically this age is said to be around his 40's.

Recapture your 'youth'?? When did you grow up?

Speak of the Devil. And do I even want to know where you have been?

Probably not, you would just get jealous.

That will be the day. Anyways, usually around this time a man will...

Hey! Whats this? A Harley?!? Whose is this?

It's mine. I picked it up while you were out.

Nice. Where are the keys?

Dream on. So, usually around this time, a common action is to buy the "little red sports car". After years of family cars, he...

Hey, this is a really nice color. It even sparkles in the sun. What do they call it?

Its crimson red sunglow. Can I get back to this post?

Sure, don't let me stop you.

SO, after years of driving sensible, tame, economic, respectable cars, the typical male will feel that he is defined by what he drives. And what male wants to be thought of as tame or economic? They want to be thought of as powerful, aggressive, ...

Wow, what size motor does this thing have? And is that a 6-speed gear box?

Yes, it has a 6-speed, and it is a 96 cubic inch or roughly 1600cc engine.

Dang, that must really move when you roll on the throttle.

Yes it does, now will you quit interupting?

Please continue.

Where was I..... oh, and by acquiring performance type machine, he himself believes that he is powerful. Sometimes, the man will start working out, eating right and altering his appearance to try and match this image he has created in his mind. It is during this phase that ...


They went bad while you were gone, so I threw them out. Try a carrot, they are quite tasty.

You suck at lieing and I have a better idea of what to do with that carrot.....

Oh yea, just try it!

Hey, have you been working out?

Yes I have, can you tell?

Nope, just a guess.

Whats that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Soooo, when you get to you mid-life crisis, you think you will fall into this pattern?

NO WAY!! I am very happy with my life; where I've been, where I am and where I am going. I will not need to remake myself, I am who I want to be!!

Well that is good to hear. You know how rediculous those guys are, right?

Absolutely, that is just one more reason I won't fall into that kind of mind set.


Whats that look for?

Nothing.... nothing at all.

Hey, what do you think.... tatoo or earing??