Monday, February 4, 2008

Bike pics .... Finally

Well this past weekend I was finally able to get something off my list of "To do's".

So you worked on the house, good for you.

No, I didn't work on the house.

So then you worked on the truck, no more rolling down the window to open the door?

Uh... no, not the truck either.

Did you work in the yard? Rake leaves? Trim trees and shrubs?


Well what exactly were you able to accomplish?

This past weekend, I was able to get pictures of my motorcycle and me!

Excuse me...


Are you telling me you spent 2 whole days taking pictures of you and your bike?

No, of course not. But it was the only thing I was able to get off my list.

So a very productive weekend....

Hey, progress is progress. Anyways, I went over to Walrilla's to get an assist and to help him with something (he should be posting soon, so keep an eye open). Anyways, with his photographers trained eye, we were able to get some nice shots. There was even one with me in it that didn't look too bad.

Wow, he is good then...

Well, without further delay, here are the pics....

With the tour pac


With the backrest.

With just the seat.

Looking a little shaggy aren't 'cha???

Ya I know, a haircut is on the to do list.

So what are ya thinking, a business man cut, flat top or are you going all the way??

You know I hate short hair, but 10+ inches is just a little too long. I may just put it up to the stylist and give her the impossible task of making me look good...

What, your stylist is a miracle worker?

Bite me...

Can't wait to see this.

Well I will keep you posted....

Friday, February 1, 2008

What ever happened to "Made in the U.S.A."??

Well what got me to wondering about this was over hearing a conversation the other day at work. I heard a co-worker stating that he refused to shop at "Wally World" because he couldn't find anything he needed there that was "Made in the USA". Now I am old enough to remember the commercials you use to see on TV... "Look for the Union label" and "Buy American". But to be totally honest, I cannot recall the last time I saw one. I mean we have all heard at one time or another that we keep exporting jobs and importing products, but have you ever conciously took the time to see where the things you buy everyday actually come from? Here is a quick rundown of stuff around my house. New laptop - China. And if you have the time to look through the owners guide, and read through all the boring bits, you will find a warning stating that handling the power cables will expose you to lead. No joke. I recently bought a Harley Davidson Electraglide Classic. Nothing says "USA" like Harley right?Well I had a air temp gauge replaced with an oil temp gauge. The Air gauge was made in Malasia. Harley riding boots - China. Harley gloves - China.The Harley key fob my girlfriend bought for me - China. The tee-shirt I got when I purchased the bike - St. Loius?? Nope, thats where the design was put on the shirt. The shirt was made in Honduras. I plan on making a day of it soon and just go to the local HD dealership and go through their stock looking for "MADE IN THE USA". So what else is there. My suit - Syria. Cowboy boots - Mexico. Hiking boots - China. Sneakers (both pair) - China. Dress shoes (Cole Haan) - Mexico. Wrangler denim jeans - Mexico and Costa rica. My road bike - Taiwan. Mountain bike - China.RCA radio - China. Epson all in one printer, on the box you only see a California address. Could it be? Nope - Thailand. Space heater - Italy.Blender - China. Coffee maker - Mexico. Roller blades - China. Coats/Jackets - China, Mexico, and Qiz Jordan. Digital Camera - Japan. Well here is a ray of hope, the pillow I am resting on was filled in the US. The casing was made in China tho. My Springfield Armory 40 cal. SW.Springfield Armory of Geneseo, IL. On the slide it even says Springfield Armory USA. Made in Croatia. This is sad. Well there are some things inmy house that are made in the USA. My enterrainment center, it was custom made and I know the people who made it. But I can't vouch for where the wood,glass or hardware came from, it was made in the USA. And it seems most of the food and household chemicals are made here too. I am curious if this is "normal" in households across this country. Is it even possible to have a totally "Made in the USA" house hold anymore? And I have noticed resturants making a push. A local cajun eatery boast "Gulf Coast Shrimp" and What-a-burger is saying "US Beef". I did get an e-mail last week saying McD's was going to start using South American beef. But I can't verify this. So look around and see what is made here. Let me know what and where I can buy American. Should be a piece of pie, easy as cake.