Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hi!! What did I miss??

Well long time no write. And I apologize for being soooooooo tardy but the name says it all. Anyways, to catch ya'll up on whats been going on in my life lately, well all the things that are fit to print, here we go.

Firstly, I am still in search of a laptop. As for good places I have found, Gateway seems to have some good deals in their outlet area. They are refurbed, but you can get some good units but they come and go quickly so you need to keep a close eye on it. Tiger Direct is also showing some promise but they are refurbs again. But I am getting closer to finally making a purchase. The biggest hold up at the moment is .....

Secondly, I am currently in the final stages of getting me a new motorcycle. Well the link will get you close but you have to click on touring and then Electraglide Classic to see what I am getting. And like anything, you have to customize it and those extras can really cost ya! But it will be mine by Aug. 10 and after that I PROMISE I will get a PC and start reading and posting on a regular basis.

Thirdly, The fight with the city continues. So far, they have replaced the manhole beside my house and about 90 feet of sewer main. They have also done work on at least one other manhole further down the line. This has provided some relief but during heavy rains, I still get "lovely water features" in my house. I am actually thinking of using that description when I put the house up to sell. Let the realtor figure out how to "spin" it.

Next, with all the rain we have been blessed with, the boat I bought last year is still in mothballs in my garage. Its kinda strange to not be able to go to the lake because there is TOO MUCH water, but this has been a really strange year. In a 100 mile radius, there is probably only 2 boat ramps that are even partially open. Most of the lake side parks are under water and the few that are still open are only partially open. And now people are reporting gators in the area. They killed an 8 footer 3 miles from my friends house and reported seeing a 4 footer in the area lake. And this place is usually more desert than swamp.

And last night I had a nice little surprise. I was doing a little cleanup around the house and was in need of a broom. Well I headed to the garage to get it and the dustpan, picked up the broom and it looked like a big "dust bunny" stuck to it so I shook it. Well half of the "dust bunny" broke off and hit a nearby box with a "thud". I thought that was strange and took a closer look at the broom. What I saw was something that resembled half a cantaloupe and LOTS of things flying out of it!! Needless to say, the "fight or flight" circuit kicked in and flight won hands down. The broom went left and I went right, closing the door securely on my way into the house. Leaning against the door, trying to get my heart rate back down, I was treated to a wonderful buzzing symphony on the other side of the door. NOT my preferred listening entertainment. So a quick run to the store for a couple of bug bombs and some long range wasp/hornet spray and I was ready to do battle. It was a hard fought confrontation, but in the end I prevailed!! I still have to check the rest of the house to make sure there are no other incursions. But that is a daylight activity.

Well, that's all for now. More to follow....... soon?