Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are Back!

Howdy Y’all! Believe it or not, we are back. After some much needed….

Court ordered…

…therapy, meds and quiet time, we can say that we are feeling better that we have in a long time!

Meds are GOOD! Meds are our FRIENDS!

Anyways, we decided to blow the dust of this site and see if we could come up with something to discuss.

You can see the dust cloud from space! We really need to hire a house keeper.

SO we have been having discussions lately about a subject we are not very knowledgeable about and have been forced to, heaven forbid, read. Now we know that most of the people that will/might read this are more knowledgeable on this subject, so please forgive me my ignorance. We are learning, but it’s a slow process.

Growth of stalactites is slow. And they are outpacing us at 1,000:1.

Fine, it has been a very slow process. The biggest problem that we are having is to verify what we thought was correct and finding that most of our assumptions are wrong. To add to the problem, trying to find factual information has not been as easy as we would have thought.

OK, for those of you who are wondering, we are trying to learn about government / politics. Well we guess that is really 2 subjects, since constitutional law and politics are about as closely related as quantum physics and finger painting.

Correct. And why after 41 years on this planet are we starting to get interested in this? Why, our new President of course! And all of the wonderful things his administration and congress are doing for us.

Uh, I think you meant “TO US”.

I was being sarcastic.


The thing that started us on this path was probably the housing fiasco. Why in the hell did the government have to step in and save these assholes? Can anybody explain this to us? From our point of view, which may or may not be wrong, is that there was absolutely no reason the government had to step in to fix the issue. The banks and lenders could have and should have been able to resolve the issue on their own. Now like we have stated before, this is all new territory for us so we may be over looking something, but wasn’t a big part of the problem the A.R.M. that started out subprime and then ballooned up to the point where the people couldn’t make their payments? That the banks knew good and well these people would be hard pressed to make the payments once the rates went up? We realize this is probably a simplistic view of what happened and that other factors were involved, but isn’t that about right? OK, well until I can get this posted and someone comments we will assume we are correct. We hate ranting on assumed knowledge, usually comes back to bite us in the butt. Anyways, so we were talking about this and asked the question, “What would we do in this situation?” The answer we came up with was to work with the mortgage holders to get them into a position so they could make their payments. It seems like it should have been easy get themselves out of trouble. I mean, drop the rate to a normal rate, extend years on mortgage are two of the options we came up with and I am sure there are others. Point being, they could have and should have dealt with the mess they made. BUT NOOOOOO! They go screaming that ‘ALL IS LOST!! ALL IS LOST!!’ and the government steps in and says “WE WILL SAVE YOU!!” So with a wonderful PR push, the government sells the notion that the only way to “SAVE THE ECONOMY” is to bail these bastards out. So they give them BIG GOBS of money….. for??? It didn’t pay of the mortgages did it? Even thou the amount they said they needed would more than cover paying off all the mortgages that were in trouble plus a whole bunch more. Was it just to keep them a float till they could fix the problem? No. Unless the problem was they weren’t going to receive their bonuses this year.

OK, I am sure they remember, move on.

Fine, well while this was on going and before the bailout, we actually wrote our US senator and Representative to express our feelings on the subject. First time for everything I guess. And we knew we weren’t alone in the “no bailout” mentality and we knew many who were writing in to express their opinions. So when we heard they passed the bailout, we were pissed. We went and looked up the vote and TEXAS voted solidly for it. Now we were fit to be tied. So we decided to start digging for some information, specifically the legal process to remove / recall a US senator or representative.

If you don’t know, you are going to love this.

It turns out that you can’t remove or recall ANY federal appointee. It seems that once they are elected to office, they become federal and are no longer touchable by the voters who put them in office. There was a small nuclear detonation in our cube. Here it is if you want to read it.

Now it makes sense why I have never heard any of our elected official ask/poll for voter opinion on a matter, they don’t care because there is nothing we can do except not vote for them next term. Oh, political ads…..shoot me now.

Needless to say, the more that has been going on lately, the more irate we have become. We are not really big on conspiracy theories, but damn, something sure the hell stinks. Funny thing is that we have always had a secret hope the 2012 when pan out, that the apocalyptic prophecy would be fulfilled. In the 90’s, people told us things would have to get really bad really fast and it just wasn’t going to happen. Well we look around today and think there is a really good chance of seeing the prophecy fulfilled.

Oh man, not the doom and gloom again. I told you the alien masters will return and set things right. Remember, they started life here to watch it evolve so they could learn about their distant past. It’s kind of like observational anthropology. It will be great!

Did you take your meds today?

Yep, and yours too.

I have told you to leave my stuff alone.

By the way, you are out of Jack.


Don’t talk about our mother that way.


Should I call the therapist? She said that if you started having problems you should call. But since your shaking like a jack hammer and foaming at the mouth, I will make the call. Taking care of you, that is what I am here for.