Saturday, November 1, 2008

And you were expecting?

I don't see why you are so broken up. It is just the way things work.

I know. But I figured there would at least be some feed back. That some one out there would feel like I do or at least understand what I was saying.

Well if you would post more, more people would visit and with more looks, more chances for some one to respond. Just forget about it. The world is going where the world is going and everybody is just going along for the ride. You should have been born 200 years ago and you would have been happier, but you weren't so suck it up, chin up and keep moving. And if all goes well, 2012 will pan out for us.

I have my fingers crossed.

Me too. So, are you going to bring them up to date on the latest happenings in our lives?

Sure, why not. Well last week I went to move my girlfriend down here. For those of you that don't know, I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 3+ years. And now I am trying to learn how to co-habitate. Not something I have much experience with and the experience I have says never to do it again.

Ya, I remember those times. Think it will be different this time?

I hope so. If it doesn't, I will probably be 50 before I look for another relationship.

And not only do you have a live in, you are now a pet owner too. Isn't that wonderful! EVERYBODY needs to have a pet!

I am allergic to hair, fur, wool and feathers. The only pets I could have as a kid were fish and turtles. And besides, I am not geared to be a pet owner. If something is depending on me to live, it won't.

Not even plants?

Nope, not even cacti.

Oh. Does she know?

I have mentioned it several times. Was she paying attention, I don't know.

Guess we will find out soon enough.

Probably so. Anyways, so after a 4 and a half day drive home pulling a trailer that was bigger and heavier than the vehicle towing it, we arrived.

And then the fun started :D

Oh yes. I mean I lived basically in one room bedroom/bathroom, and just forgot about the rest of the house. I mean I am rarely home. Friends don't stop by so why bother with the rest of the house. But now that is changing. Just hope I can adjust.

Have faith, people do it all the time.

Right and what, over 50 percent end in divorce? Not good odds. And nobody has ever come up with figures for people just living together.

Well I am sure it will be fine. Trust me.

Alright, we will see. Well I have to get back to work. There is a lot of cleaning and organizing to get done. God I hate house work.

You will live.