Friday, October 17, 2008

The Ice is begining to break....

Hi everybody! Hope everyone is doing well. This is not one of my "normal" post, I am working on that one now and should be up soon. I just figured since this was close to what that will be, I would go ahead and put this up. It was my response to an online article about "Joe the Plumber".

As stated by "Joe the Plumber", DO NOT PENALIZE ME FOR MAKING MONEY! If I work, I want the rewards. I want to get ahead in this world. I don't see why my acheivements should be taken from me and given to others. There are those in previous comments who are stateing that "Joe is the problem, he is greedy, he charges outlandish amounts". Wake up! Joe is working for a company. He wants to buy the company one day. Working for the company he is lucky if he gets 1/3 of the hourly rate that you are charged. OK, I hear you say, well then it is the company who is greedy and they are over charging. Have you ever ran a business? Plumbers and others have to be bonded and insured. They don't want to loose there business because of an accident a worker caused that ruined your house. Those policies are not cheap. Every service vehicle they own has to be fully insured and usually to a higher level of coverage than most drivers pay. Does the employer provide health care, if so, do you want to talk about that cost? The owner has workers, so he is probably paying into an unemployment program. Cost are high. It is expensive to run a company. Its a fact, some people are greedy. This is also a fact, most people just want to work and know that they are free to be as successful as their abilities allow them to be. Don't take from me to give to someone else, charity is an individual choice. Don't expect to be given what others have earned. Don't expect to be equal to those who earn a living if your are one who is receiving assistance. This country was made great by people who worked to make it great. We didn't ask anybody to grant us anything, WE EARNED IT! And that is a heritage I am proud of and will fight to continue!