Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogmeet 2008...

Well we made it back alive. A little more toasty brown but alive.

You are still not grasping the whole sunscreen thing are you?

Well for your information, I did buy and use some while I was at the blog meet.

Well shut my mouth. And it only took you burning how many times this year to get it through your thick skull that you need to do this? Don't we go through this EVERY year? Why is this such a hard concept for you to grasp?

No, I get the concept. Its just slips my mind.

Are you just really like the lobster red arms / mayo white body tan?

NO I DON"T!! It looks ridiculous! Its the main reason I didn't wear shorts or go swimming. The bright sun and my beyond white legs would have blind everyone there!

You shouldn't worry about that, everyone had on their beer goggles.


Seriously, what are you worried about. Are you afraid someone will post some unflattering pictures or some really detailed description of your appearance? Please. These people have better things to post about than you. GET OVER IT! I knew we should have left you at home.

That's a fact! You were a big wet blanket. I swear, every time I tried to have some fun, you just have to go and run off.

They were laughing at us!

Well of course they were, I was being silly. People laugh at silly things.

But now they think I am a doofus.

No, I was being silly. And I am pretty sure they knew I was just being silly. Of course I am not a professional comedian and a few times things went sour, but what the fuck, I tried to be entertaining. At least I was interacting with people.

Look. We understand you have self image issues. You don't like anything about yourself. We know you think your looks, ideas, voice, mannerisms and a whole grocery list of other things are below par even on your best day. But your wrong. And if you don't start pulling it together, we will be forced to put you away for a little while and see if you can't work through this.

Ya right, if you put me away, you have to let someone else out, remember? Storage is not infinite. And just which one of them would you trust to be out. They are locked up for a reason you know...


Shut the hell up, if anyone is getting out its ME! And if ANY of you think any different, I will be glad to discuss this with you out back...

Oh put a cork in it. Letting you out would be a sure sign of a total mental break down. Now me on the other hand, letting me out would show great wisdom on our part. I mean really, the only reason I am in here and whiny butt is out there is that the majority thought it was time to try the girlfriend thing again and that I would be counter productive to a "relationship". Well its been almost 3 FRELLING YEARS and she is still in NY!! When are you all going to wake up and smell the coffee and realize this is nothing but BULLSHIT! Hey, I was all for waiting, but the time has come to cut this line and try new waters.

Well that was fun and before anyone else chimes in, we will be considering what course of action we will take. We will keep you informed.

(me, pick me)

(it better be me or else...)

(hey, i have been keeping a list of girls I am sure you would want to get to know better)

Yea, replace me. And I will just sit back and laugh my ass off at the situational comedies that will ensue.

Hey, we never said it would be easy...

But you just really need to lighten up. You have got to be the biggest worrier I have ever met.


Ya, but my worrying has kept us out of trouble!

You have kept us from a lot of fun!

You just want to throw caution to the wind, devil be damned, ......

And you just can't let go and have ANY fun, ......

Well I will just let them continue their conversation in private. Next post will be a recap of the blog meet. Peeps we met, things we did, food we ate and beverages we consumed. Too bad I don't have any pics. Maybe Walrilla has some I can use.... Anyways see you soon.