Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hi, its Me...

That's right. I am tired of taking a back seat to him. I am tired of his lazy ways. I am going to start living for me. Let him sit in front of his damn computer and play his silly games, I am going to start having fun! And since the money has already been put down on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, I guess I can start with that. I was talking to my friend the other day and the point was raised that this will be the longest ride either of us has ever attempted. I mean, just to get there will be over 1200 miles and we are planning on doing that in 2 days. The longest ride either of us has been on to this point has been around 300 and we were sore after that. So we decided we REALLY need to try this before hand, so we could get some idea of what we were getting ourselves into. Well any trip like this requires some planning, talking to others who have made similar trips, web searches etc. Well everybody I talked to had an item or 2 that were must haves. Like biker (bicycle) riding shorts, or wicking underwear with flat seams. Even talked to one guy who swore by "monkey butt powder". Monkey Butt... I have to admit this was a new term to me. It apparently refers to a species of monkeys that have bright red butts. And riding long hours you get a sore, red, chaffed butt that looks or at least feels like it is bright red. Anyways, so taking all the information provided and found, we set off yesterday for a 600+ mile ride. We figured staying off the interstate highways would be better with it being a holiday and all. The ride was fun and we did manage 630+ miles in just over 12 hours and we weren't really pushing hard. Never the less, when we got off the bikes at his house I wanted to jump for joy. But all we could really do was stand for joy. So we made it. And I actually don't feel bad at all today. It didn't even hurt to get back on the bike this morning. So now I really feel better about this trip in August. And I did learn one thing on the ride, wear sunscreen. 12 hours in the Texas sun will burn you, even if it is only 93 degrees. But I have really interesting tan/burn lines. Hopefully I will have a chance to even them out before the blog meet.

Take care and see ya soon!