Monday, February 4, 2008

Bike pics .... Finally

Well this past weekend I was finally able to get something off my list of "To do's".

So you worked on the house, good for you.

No, I didn't work on the house.

So then you worked on the truck, no more rolling down the window to open the door?

Uh... no, not the truck either.

Did you work in the yard? Rake leaves? Trim trees and shrubs?


Well what exactly were you able to accomplish?

This past weekend, I was able to get pictures of my motorcycle and me!

Excuse me...


Are you telling me you spent 2 whole days taking pictures of you and your bike?

No, of course not. But it was the only thing I was able to get off my list.

So a very productive weekend....

Hey, progress is progress. Anyways, I went over to Walrilla's to get an assist and to help him with something (he should be posting soon, so keep an eye open). Anyways, with his photographers trained eye, we were able to get some nice shots. There was even one with me in it that didn't look too bad.

Wow, he is good then...

Well, without further delay, here are the pics....

With the tour pac


With the backrest.

With just the seat.

Looking a little shaggy aren't 'cha???

Ya I know, a haircut is on the to do list.

So what are ya thinking, a business man cut, flat top or are you going all the way??

You know I hate short hair, but 10+ inches is just a little too long. I may just put it up to the stylist and give her the impossible task of making me look good...

What, your stylist is a miracle worker?

Bite me...

Can't wait to see this.

Well I will keep you posted....