Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

OK, I know its almost February, but when have I ever been on time?

Well there has been a few times, but usually someone was kicking you in the butt to get you moving...

True enough. So anyways, I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season!


So what are the plans for the new year? Well one is to start writing in this blog on a consistant basis.

I will believe that when I read it...

Have a little faith will ya?

Hey, I have known you all my life. I more than anyone has the right to be doubtful...

Fine, I will do it just to spite you.

We will see...

Moving on. I am also working out again. The goal is to run a sprint distance triathalon by mid-year.

Weren't you supposed to do that last year?

I am always late remember?


Fun things that have already been scheduled are a trip to Las Vegas in April and at least two friends and I will be headed to Sturgis Bike Week in August.

Are you going to ride up there?

Of course. That is the point isn't it?

I thought the point was to get there and back alive.

Ye of little faith. And some time this year I will be taking a hot air balloon ride. It has been postponed since last June.

Sounds like you.

Other than that, nothing on a personal side has been planned. But work is going to be a real nightmare this year. Lots of projects.

You can say that again. We are really going to need those vacations, and probably two or three more.

If we can.

Find a way.

OK, I will try.


Anytime. OK, so what plans do you the reader have for 2008? Insire us.


See you soon!

Sure you will...